Mkhondo Rehabilitation Centre

Mkhondo Rehabilitation Centre

Mkhondo rehabilitation centre is SANCA registered centre, that helps substance addicts around Mkhondo. The centre has out-patient and impatient facility that assist assessment and screening addiction treatment. The organisation started the Mpumalanga Addiction Rehabilitation Centre-Substance abuse prevention programme. The programme visits schools throughout Mkhondo teaching young kids about substance abuse prevention methods. Its aim is to educate children in the rights and the different forms of abuse and how they can get help if they get violated or abused

Mpumalanga addiction rehabilitation centre applied for support from Vumbuka Trust 2018. The organisation has been operating for over 10+ years. They requested support for laptops and projectors for their prevention programme. Vumbuka Trust supported the organisation with 5 laptops  for the peer educators are able to do the awareness  presentations at schools properly and formally.

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