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The Vumbuka Trust

The Vumbuka Trust was founded by TWK Investments Ltd in July 2013 for purposes of benefiting the broad-based black community in which the TWK Group operates through the promotion of broad-based socio-economic advancement and enterprise and supplier development of its beneficiaries. The Vumbuka Trust became a 25% shareholder in the company TWK Agri (Pty) Ltd on 01 September 2014 after the implementation of a corporate group restructuring and BBBEE-transaction of the TWK Agri Group.

Latest Socio-economic Development projects

Weeber Primary School

  Weeber Primary School received support of R30 000 from Vumbuka Trust 2019. The School was established by The Lutheran Church In 1970’s and the infrastructure of the building and fencing has decayed over the years. The School is located in the Lunerburg road and... read more

Mpumelelo Youth Centre

  Mpumelelo Youth Development Centre is a non-profit organization (NPO) that was established in 2011 at Kwa-Ngema Trust. The Centre supports youth to develop their physical, social and educational training skills. The project is registered under the Department... read more

Latest Enterprise Development projects

Nkuxo Trading

  It is estimated that the formal hairdressing industry in South Africa directly employs approximately 57,000 individuals. South Africa’s black hair care industry is estimated to be valued at R9.7 billion a year. In 2010, it was considered the largest in Africa,... read more

Mr. Raymond Ntuli Project

  Mr. Raymond Ntuli, a resident from the Commondale area, applied for funding from the Vumbuka Trust in 2017 and received access to a credit facility from TWK Agri (Pty) Ltd. The funds were used to buy chainsaws and other equipment for his forestry business. The... read more